Do your due dilligence by examining the source, rather than an Ai collection of unproven thoughts

HAVING TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING A FLAWED COMMUNICATIVE MESSAGE which is an AI (related $Target) AutoMAtoN, or possibly a Florida illegal Transgender, grabbed for being an lipstick acessory color wearing, Ai Pussy?

Don't waste your time figuring this angry 'false flag' editorial puzzle out.

Why? Trip over any A.l. "dangling chad algorithm" power cord to get to the truth you need for political/biz reasoning, and just watch everything near and dear, conservative or liberal, prudent and prideful © protected data, disappear into an age of anachronism with an apparently legal free speech... "POOF"!

SO, BEFORE SOME unscrupulous "Data Miner” lifts this OT piece (Original Thought, or Old, or Out of Date and Time) + (Essay, Editorial, White Paper) for a misdirected use, please consider the Source + Purpose + Association + Money, or stop to consider the validity of a SPAM source also hidden behind untraceable and meaningless initials.

See — which is why an old-fashioned, WM defender of the General Mining Act of 1872 (which declared all valuable mineral deposits in land belonging to the United States to be free and open to exploration and purchase by individuals) along with an accompanying Homestead Act (where 10 percent of the total area of the United States was given away to hard working individuals) and Timber Claims, which when mixed into a longstanding nightmare involving the giveaway of Railroad, School, and Military sections to Timber tax advantaged real-real estate REITS. See:

Fortunately the individual mining investor in a "Code of the West" Apex rule Association —outside of a unexplained SEC Reg "D" mining exclusion supposedly protecting "widows and orphans— still exists in most states LLC's, and natural resources big-board listing go-around of an MLP flow through of individual Limited Partnerships. I am neither known for being a advisory chairman of NASDAQ, as Ponzi Scheme "Monster of Wall Street, Bernard Maddoff, nor a legal mind following behind as the Attorney firm of Marc Dreier's fraud of payment for order flow (PFOF).

This FWS (in the Field Wool Stocking) article needs to explain that following a trail of HS (Horse Sense) versus the scatological BS+SS ( silk stocking ) as in (1) Bachelor of Science (2) Balance Sheet (3) Bill of Sale, which consistently are being AI collected as MS (More of the Same) as a PHD (Piled Higher Deeper) made all the more valuable when SS secret collected opinions for inclusion an insider’s only reports sold to a selected few corporations for, $4,999+?

How Ai domination of "scientific proof" is a world-wide problem is explained at, where a, "Leave it to the Experts" promise is the "Right People technically excellent, strategic, practical, experienced and efficient; our analysts are hand-picked based on having the right attributes to work successfully and execute projects based on your expectations."

That, if you had trouble grasping the acceptable meaning of a paragraph run through a wash tub wringer, leads right-into what, founded back in the business as usual 1900’s, has been trying to explain since the pre-World Wide Web came along what it takes to validate US Mining properties, where some are still managed by Western wool stocking US Miners.

That was back before the DotCom Wars, won by the mega deep state monopolists who introduced second grade learning schema of repetitive rote learning with an Ai chanting of impossible to believe "buzz feeds" as, "Lock Her Up... Lock Her Up... Lock Her Up!" And, other mad mumbling as, "Birther...go home", "Follow the rule of Law"... by throwing it out," and an extremely childlike, "I Won... I won... I did so Win"! And, most insulting, "You have to be a true Patriot to understand how to be Free"!

What? I have 4 DNA proven Great Something Grandfathers that fought red coat and hats in the Revolutionary War. Won a decisive victories at Kings Mountain, Cowpens; and again got our own back for the cruelty at Culloden, with a total win at New Orleans.

And, as a Blue Hat U.S. Air Force Veteran, with two outstanding unit awards (the second carried a bronze star cluster) for working with an designated one step above Top Secret security for publishing the Atomic Code books carried in B47 safes. Which is why I would be qualified qualified to testify in both domestic and foreign definition of treason hearings. Once. if ever, they ever make past corrupt Congressmen —A political animal known to be the paid for dangerous loose lips that sink ships sound-bights — into the court of public appeal.

That is also the case of Western Mine owners who somehow do not qualify in a GOOP state of Alaska, or TPP Tea Party Politicians lock on staking, and maintaining mining claims for the benefit of claims in accordance with “Canadian National Interests” as, published by the Ontario Securities Commission (regulating how the Blue Mountain Nepheline Syenite , which happens to be a watchdog over the TSX Toronto Stock Exchange. See: .

Yes, the TSX that replaced the BC Stock Exchange , which from my days “cold prospecting Hastings Gulch Juniors” I learned the history of the modified movie “Gold” was actually brought down by a London Metal Exchange geologists manipulation of certifying salted samples?

I am not worried about being sued for quoting those who should know, as the LME was itself was rescued by a China determined to over, and undermine, the WWII Brenton Woods Foreign Exchange System of establishing the value of a USD GOLD based foreign trading standard, which was soon overwhelmed by a James Bond, penny stocks, and a WHOO standard demanded by arch villains in league with a Batman/Superman nemesis.

Those of my friends and prospecting acquaintances in the Vancouver. B.C. “Junior” business, knowing all the slight of hand tricks of the second oldest profession when it came to attracting (besides the oldest profession) the eye of traders of the original miners of miners— made a case for a simple salting by an "International Geologist".

After all, when it comes to cheating with pump-and-dump gold supposedly stored away in a underground "Vault" it actually is much safer to buy genuine gold plate a “numbered” bar of the same weight as tungsten. Or, for those who do not trust any government taxing gold that has not validated by an exchange into “real” money —through a Trade4Barter club?— know that pawn shops have been fooled in the past by brass braising rods heated to drop for shaping into oil, followed up with polishing by tumbling in sand.

Finally, The POINT of this shouting match, as not defined in controlled investment news as there is a lot of confusion these days as to who is that AI guy (in a sans serif font) and his sister Aï — used above as a A.I. free-use graphic borrowed to demonstrate in an "Earth Science" way just how dangerous Artificial Intelligence can be become when bounced around the Internet to sell disinformation only benefiting a single point of contact ( SPOC) as a person or a department serving as the coordinator or focal point of information concerning an activity or program.

Putting it more simply: For all the advantages of tab delimited computerized Ai, and GPS calculations replacing Section/Township/Range/Meridian claim staking this Internet Prospector Magazine man is dumbfounded how the truth of any mining situation has become so politically spun around to support multinational big business control by Deep State Corporations that actually have nothing to do with mining engineering except to dig a totally necessary BIG holes in Mother Earth... attracting stockbrokers by showing off big expensive trucks hard at work, instead of "overpaid" miners... before using way out of wack pumped-up stock sales to fund the development of something already working, so that the corporate insiders can grab the money and run before a bankruptcy reveals managements mismanagement. Think about it.

In short, be bold, be different! Do not listen to any Italian made loafer translation. Instead join a barefoot millionaire chorus line tap dancing a revival of "How to succeed in the mining investment business with" with a show stopper five six seven eight— N-E-P-H-E-L-I-N-E ball change S-Y-E-N-I-T-E!

Continued next month along with ever changing "bookmarked investment opportunities"... request to be added to a clean "favorites" mailing list by establishing a reciprocal link to a brand new

Problem with pretending to be an expert when poo-pooing scientific fact, will lead to embarassment.

Now, where was I before being interrupted by by a SPAM robo-dialed phone call that somehow charmed a way past Miz Bobby?

Oh yes, the reason I am using "Nepheline Syenite" as an example on how to loose your retirement is that this Swiss Army Knife of necessary new Age Minerals is a perfect example of "Reverse Artificial Intelligence Dumb Down Under-sell" working to protect an established, albeit out of date, building materials system that has a top of the mind "brand" Portland cement® business monopoly awareness. Sorry old PC ® — your years of coal industrial age pollution are over. is privately owned by that appeared on-line 1/1/2001 to present the 1997; and web-ring point of view when battling the 'Hedge Fund Mentality' of trading paper hedge fund credit default dollars, or cyber coins, by a reality owned by an independent socially backward Asperger's Ass, a "Natural Resource Exploration Specialist", leading a donkey about (or is it the other way around) that somehow is onthe leading edge of new age mineral discoveries.

The magic formula for in-place measuring a valid mineral discovery is proof of Length x Width x Depth, of tons of mineable ore.

Visually measure a mineable ore body by length x width x depth.
Everyone deeds to understand the workability of what is being undertaken

As one of the Swiss Army Knife combinations of natural Ph neutral nepheline Syenite minerals (which cannot be patented any more than Gold or Silver) was found to increase in volume when activated with an alkaline— producing light weight interlocked hydrogen bubbles, which when flowed into a tilt-up marine Plywood replacement form (or as China and Russia have been doing in 3D printing low cost homes) I have been experimenting with, through CO-OP packaging, a bottom-up, workable, builder way to affordably come in under the costs of a stick built home. Also see:

Check out a TM protected

After the start of condo crashes in Florida — blamed on rusting steel re-bar— a Natural Roman Pozzolan Geopolymer Nepheline Syenite has reappeared as Architecturally trained finder Sharon Ehlmann's (gal powered) And possibly the leader into bringing a material funded into reality.

Sharon is a a proven innovator by showing up at industry trade shows and asking questions that require someone with a knowledge of the changing business to go through her established which also is beginning to deal with Carbon Credits through a new Barter4Trade 1031 exchange or mergers and acquisitions.

The problem with Portland ® concrete is that 50 years is about the average life when rienforced with steel re-bar
Invest in a building material that is the second most used substance in the World.

As Barry Murray, the founding prospector, is headed back into an Industrial Mineral past, dating back to staking claims during the Moab, Utah Uranium Rush of '55 —looking for forgotten finds of "Guess-Ur-Right" or even worse in the days of "Leave-It-Right-There", when "Rare Earths" in Nepheline Syenite, and Albert Einstein's Photovoltaic minerals (PV) so sought after today.

The reason for a $2 Million exploration program benefiting ECO-Minerals-Stockpile is that to totally put out a, we need to add 22% of a special sand geopolymer aggregate replacement to guarantee Fire and Flood proof replacement to solve insurance problems for mortgage writers.


How to follow up a very dramatic cover on what is supposed to be a simple retail brochure — introducing an absolutely needed Global Warming / Climate Change affordable Old /New Building Products that are delivered by ECO-Mining-Milling which is a Limited Cooperative Association LCA; a separate entity from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile ; FoamKrete ; ECO-Roman-Cement ; ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete ; or other retail market uses of Oregon's Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite in place tonnage.

As a "green" keep it simple, Main Street, system, that goes around one-sided securities regulations by ECO-Minerals-Stockpile selling individuals an in-place, uniform, ton, or limited tons of Oregon's Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite —a solid piece of the rock. A simple transaction (?) between individuals who both qualify for a 2.5% royalty based upon a shippable product.

Said individuals can lock in their registered signed and sealed Bill of Sale "rock solid" tons Certificate by making a down payment contract with (by reregistration numbers) to deliver retail ready bags, barrels, boxcars on the basis of "all reasonable mining and milling costs" plus a 10% royalty upon FOB loading. This is not required if one just wants to hold a buy-in price for resale.

Like this employment plan, the vote to keep "our thing" from being sold-off


We are looking for ECO underground (no tailing dumps, minimal tree removable) mining experts that have experience/ qualified equipment or a source of funds to buy, barter4trade mill machinery, who would be proud to be part of CO-OP effort, without divisive attempts for power.

Right now we need legal, and mining engineering advice, underground EV innovators, tramway advocates, and CO-OP housing that believes that a happy family requires more than a take-out Chinese dish.

As this is an employee and patron owned and directed LCA, company, without any union problems, may I suggest you try sending a resume´ to


The reason for a Limited Cooperative Association LCA is to control "pump and dump flip exploitation by "going bankrupt ventures" from tying up the in-ground supply of registered ECO-Minerals-Stockpiles which itself is looking for further exploration funding. Another assurance might be, if we can work out the legality of using fire and flood proof Nepheline Syenite reserves, to provide homeowner insurance acceptable to mortgage bankers.

After purchace from Barry Murray, prospector for ECO-Minerals-Stockpile the individual owner needs to decide where/how their $100+ ton product will be marketed. Right now thers are three $100+ per raw tonnage managers. A fourth of ECO-Housing-America is forming.

The only other US supplier right now is 3M with a Nepheline Syenite 200 that passes DOT ASTM C 618, and AASH 10 M 299 standards, with a finished price around $600(?). The only other US builder source outside of a Multinational Cartel is China, at $350 FOB, which also was the first, before Russia, to develop 3D printing of houses, and some of the longest free standing bridges in the world.

1) Trademark protected (as naturally formed pozzolans are not patentable) low cost DIY is envisioned as an answer for individual owner/dealers to lead the way out of heartless homelessness where a regional joined together distributors will be able to rent out the DIY equipment (with training included) to help develop ECO-Housing-America off grid communities.

2) A patent applied for an formula by a female owned website which is after architecturally design developments smart enough to wrap together work from home business offices (cut commute time) that also have an educational child center core, which could also double as a food center. Etc. Etc, when thinkers actually move outside a box mentality.

Another recent, really important endorsement supporting FoamKrete for me, as years ago (1960s) I sold a freelance article to Popular Mechanics (1960s), and was so proud to have become accepted as a contributor of a very limited library of scientific information available to the public other than a trusted McGraw Hill publications photographer, as Chemical Week (which I also contributed to) before it was sold. So, here is this recent 2023 abstract:

"Why Ancient Roman Concrete Is So Damn Strong", from Popular Mechanics Magazine.

A TEAM OF RESEARCHERS FROM M.I.T., HARVARD, ITALY, AND Switzerland discovered that ancient Roman concrete gets its strength from self-healing properties, which help fill in cracks as they form. The true star of the show is “hot mixing,” a process of creating concrete that forms reactive calcium. In other words, these small lime-clast chunks can react with water, post-mixing, to recrystallize as calcium carbonate, and fill cracks while reacting with the ash for further strength. The reactions take place spontaneously, self-healing the cracks before they spread." —Tim Newcomb

3) Or, what I as theProspector am looking for funding an ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete which has been developing in the direction of an unformed —very similar to a base of Nepheline Syenite ECO-Roman-Cement— where both are a Geopolymer breakthrough discovery leading a "clean air" path away from the all too every common Portland Cement® and ordinary sand and gravel aggregate mixture — even with their recycling of manufactured COAL fly ash.

We collectively are working, again with a Roman style of uniform sized material which by locking crystals together sets naturally strong enough to completely do away with steel re-bar, which will be marketed as (already in some free search directories) with, also supported by an impressive

I, again as will be locking up the supply of two additional additive aggregates, just in time for bidding on Interstate infrastructure projects, with an employee owned company, with a guaranteed cost cap, which also prevent the waste of separated union style carb-customer-concisouisness time wasting demands, to share the wealth in a respectable way — WELL AS:

A) I have made a lot of cartel commanders unhappy with an independent parent company publishing company, challenging the ECO responsibility of MEGA MINING, more interested in CARTEL CEMENT PROFITS, today, when a big US spending bill is stashing away "gray gold", than what it will cost to support grandchild who will have to fight for every breath.

Think of me, I guess, as a hillbilly hick beatnik(?), if you wish, who when allowed to vote upon turning 21, actually volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker wearing a suit and tie (but no hat) for my choice of Kennedy, over VP Nixon. All of which works out to the John Birch / McCarthyism's, "the dirty commie reds" which today is still pointing a 'christian' (?) finger at 'Antifa' (?) or 'Woke' (?) which actually translate as something another for the simple fact that making such a point is correctly directing 3 angry clenched fingers right back to the rote readers heart!

Our advertising revenue was cut off by a "Russian Federation" virus attack a number of years ago which captured "eyeballs" by an ever-changing shuffled deck of IT cards stacked against us. Even worse, for a while, American home computers that made the mistake of always leaving their "machine" running, ended up contributing to a superNet of Data Miners — which according to investigators, "never happened".

B) Then came hidden embedded keywords the same A.I. color background of a supplied graphic supporting competitors advertising, which I discovered the hard way by blocking what I thought was a play fair other side answer of an editorial question. Unfortunately, I had agreed to a revenue source of helping a local "do good" source for my readers, that had been swept up by a flow-through "peroxide bleach" company that had dark roots showing, I could only afford now and then to fight back. The real reason I dropped out of the "banner game" was that very soon could not afford to "sponsor" my own products to boost a "keyword phrase position, as "Mining Investment".

C) Then after loosing my advertising dollars from a supposedly safe digital payment connection, misdirected by a dangerous 3rd party virus. Someone following my diving deep into system files I actually had an untraceable words battle with an invisible foe on my machine, who "playfully" showed up as "Barry — Stop that tight now, or I will go after your incoming e-mail".

This, on a longtime address I thought was safe. I totally scrubbed down a plesk "full rack" to go with a "C-panel" management system as none of the aftermarket "cleaners" worked for me were smart enough to fix a counteroffensive by untraceable bots, which started out with a barrage of overloading my InBox.

Since then I have gone through a number of paid for e-mail addresses, and forwarding systems as on Outlook, which at least gives me feedback on who was guaranteed, or black listed, as has been maliciously done to some of my other sites. Being as I was an early user of the Internet to offer "shareware" via free WWW delivery, I am really disappointed that the FCC and the FTC have allowed outsider control to take over penny candy store @ (and stocks) sales competing for the "free", or low cost, distribution of information from the largest library in the worldbefore A.I. contributions raised the question, "Who Do You Trust?"

This is why, to reach me on a secure new e.address, I suggest all meaningful contractual material, and payments be made by the pony express, which has a chance of getting through Flash Hacker's Pass. Besides establishing the answering 2-step security, there is a built-in US Mail Protection with Postal Inspectors standing by to blow a Mail and Wire Fraud whistle effecting both the buyer and mail order seller.

You can try the somewhat protected "business card" below, but if that does not get you a valid reply, the safe and slow way is to communicate the old-fashioned way that still works by sending your message to Barry Murray, Editor Mining Magazines, POB 1198, Castle Rack, State of Washington. 98611-9183.


An attempt to slow down hackers who probably are paid far too much to do evil.
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