Gold and Silver

Breaking News on a Bull Market Breaking Day..?

It appears that more than a few who bought a very short bear supply commodity known as silver off a turnip truck parked in the IPO peddlers space on Wall Street, where logistically aware bulls, who believed in their own rumbling bear gut feelings, were buying physical longs, off the other side.

Perhaps the smart speculators did not believe the incredible disinformation attacks happening lately. Or had read wise quotes from Ted Butler ... who predicted correctly as an underpaid guru years ago when silver was at $4 still recovering from the Hunt brothers very close attempt to corner the market, was totally overdue cycle upward, if only to cover mining costs. In my research, Butler seems to have been the first to use the silver 'coined' word phrase of, "Banksters, to big to Jail".

My hope also is that self employed writer/lecturer Ed Steers, who seems to have been torpedoed by a sneaky hack attack, will get the chance to pop up again on a public screens to say, "See, I told you so"!

Prairie Canadian Steers understood why some funds management encourage safety aware clients ...further from what is happening in the flash market... to set a pragmatic automatic stop/sell price, which lately may have been passed five times in one week, in an algorithm yo-yo program of ...."You Loose, I Win", balanced by an "I Win, You Loose" game.

This no fuss, no muss, cheap source of silver supply has allowed one major deep pockets commercial trader to go from only holding 5 million ounces of under-priced silver, to running that up in just three years to 55 million ounces. This during of time when when well run mining companies actually mining, were close to bankruptcy, and have not been replenishing a critical strategic industrial supply.

And what a shame this time up that in a global climate change time of awareness... where survival hangs on innovative use of mineral products, working together...that the homebuilding business doesn't realize that as solar silver panels have not worn out since introduction 30-years ago. Isn't that the power companies concern? And that it really would be a smart thing to hide ounces of silver in plain sight on a rooftop, instead of under a bed, to help pay off a mortgage? Or worse, paying monthly storage to put it back underground.

The format change is that our supply side big picture is just too large to properly fit on a small mobile device. Complain about this lack of freer information to the if you can get through the same E-mail problems the Secretary of Defense is experiencing. Or, if you are not an faceless robo-caller, try dialing 503-753-5868.

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