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> This morning from Ted Butler: "Unless the Authorized Participants and sponsor in SLV are just looking to draw unnecessary negative attention to themselves, the most plausible explanation for why silver was not deposited into SLV was because the metal was not available. Most astounding of all is that this is a circumstance with a precedence, in that it has occurred on many occasions in the past in SLV and, according to my memory, never or hardly ever in GLD. I'm not trying to trick you (or myself), but the word used to describe the inability to deliver a physical commodity in a required timely manner is shortage. Please look up the definition yourself."

> This morning from Ed Steers:

Greed at work

Sorry that my commentary is so short, but I really, as a "wool stocking" supply side underground miner who come out in comes of the dark now and then to measure the en-lightened wisdom of "silk stocking experts," I really want to go on record before the Great Implosian 0f 2015, that perhaps my remembering the past, as a one born in the First Great Depression, and went to school watching "March of Time" World War II newsreels as homework, may have a few accurate predictions as to America's Economic Future.

My online warnings issued through have been so under attack for "internet fraud" by hackers in New Zealand, China, and Canada's TSX 43-101 supporters— after my think piece editorial, "Understanding How the People's Republic has Devalued the US/ Hong Kong Dollar!" appeared, totally trashing my "third party" source of revenue from the First Amendment freedom from Google Adsense "partnership" as appears still today, at the top of this otherwise freely delivered commentary.

Guess I must have been right about that, and previous comments in the past about the London/Libor "Prime Bank Scandals," and "Silver Dollar Dan's" stupid predication that the relaxing of tried and true Saving and Home Loan standards would exploded in a deregulated housing bubble being popped.

Now seems to be the time for all good men to come to the aid of whatever the party happens to be, I whish to go on record as a Scottish-Swiss-American undecided voter to predict the Irish-African-American who has a total leadership of our checks and balances form of government, has the Constitutional right, in the "Political Executive Powers," over "Emergencies."

In my lifetime being a citizen of the the so-called Free Enterprise United States, I have witnessed buy-parisian efforts of spin doctoring as:

> FDR's Chief Executive Powers efforts to control in a "bankrupt America" the Gold Standard of confiscating citizens's gold. And closing down working gold claims through the emergency powers of Executive Order L-208.

> The ant-gold standard inflated "Buck Stops Here" philosophy of give them hell Harry Truman with his anti-inflationary Executive Orders to the Office of Price Stabilization (OPS), and his Executive Signature as Commander in Chief signing away discrimination in the U.S. military, which really did far more than the Kennedy brothers, or Johnson efforts to support the Civil Rights Movement.

> That executive "Tricky Dick" of dirty tricks fame, flipped the solid Silver Dollar Standard into the air that came down as tails so that Loss Vegas casino's had to counterfeit the token fed into a "one armed bandit."

> Which all has lead to the underming of the principles of the U.S. Mining Law of 1872, by financial experts who didn't even know the answer to a little professor's question — "which weighs more, a pound of goose feathers, or a pound of gold?"

So, if you are still confused where to invest in mining, might I suggest you [legally] bypass the middlemen stock broker technical hedge fund wizards by going direct to the mountain and deal with principles with principles, direct. As asking someone as Miz Bobby Dickerson at 503-753-5868, or, how to bundle the promise of a hot (insider's) tip on solar silver smart roofs, bundled with an "R" value insulating building material, that may possibly be used to 3D printing of affordable housing where what used wasted on an electricity bill, could be used to pay off inflated mortgages.

Supply side minor-miner, Barry Murray.

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