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Thursday, September 17, 2015

What an interesting leveraged, derivative, paper stock market day!

When it follows the FED decision, and the (R) disinformation debate, and (D) Obamba's C-SPAN Business Roundtable appearance asking how we are to address a yet-another-looming-kick-the-can-down-the-road soft money threat of the US actually going bankrupt through political discord in this Democratic / Republic system of of checks and balances going so far astray, the question is WHOIS on the Internet the actual crazy one today?

Apparently when it comes to deciphering facts, as fact checked debated online, one really has to go back to the printed word of history books written by winners. Make that survivors of catastrophic financial events. And even the documentary novelist losers of things we absolutely should not be repeating; as the novels written by Erich Maria Remarque on hyperinflation, as burned by Hitler.

So, back to the basics of mining investment whose roots are so very basic... as the free enterprise market mining system of gold digger (G1) good looking girls, market trading goods and services with an actual gold digger (M1) male, on the supply side of flash traded trinkets.

Supply side mining also is very simple when one does away with constantly checking the 10-minute delayed spot price online, trying to compete as a 24 hour a day trader, or worse the 401-K hedge fund pundit, in battle with the nanosecond second HFT financial side mining advantage. See a discussion on this at readers prospect the old-fashioned way, long before huge earth moving trucks came along, to find AU, or AG; prove up a documented length x width x depth deposit; and then try to raise enough money to extract the wealth of the Earth from the ground. Good luck on that for "blue sky restricted" independents today. And all you penny stock dreamers online.

Want a mass media understandable animated short? How about Barney Rubble of Bedrock finds an AU/AG bauble to in the limestone mining tailing pile of what was to become a revolutionary breakthrough in concrete, as today's AAC and 3D house printing CLC or cellular light concrete? The same stuff that made that stupid Al Gore of "global warming" fame a winner for a simple news story that a man in Omak, Washington (state) had video taped a forest fire storm out the windows from his CLC concrete house that survived a season where 1,000 at least (and still counting) of his Western neighbors in conventional houses burned to the ground.

Now as all this happens to be an unemotional fact, out of a stoic supply side mining industry fighting for years to counter a very unreal situation where disinformation has become a very veritable commodity. Let me suggest, out of 60 years experience in the "mining sector" when it come to even beginning to try and understand CPA Arthur Andersen mining / Enron finance of peddling nonexistent electricity, one really only has to look at selling a hard asset product as plucked from the Earth, instead of hedge fund paper speculation.

As the following product ROI "biz plan" PDF for an old-fashioned actual P/L. or P/E promotion download. No, we are not qualified to be "approved" financial advisors. Do not attack us online for that! Enough anonymous attacks!

What follows is an slightly out of date "Biz Plan" that cannot be stolen piecemeal, by copyright theft, for spoofing and phishing purposes of interests outside of the USA. This "Buy American" claim owner direct bundle has advanced, with new finding. your only possible contact now is to go around "brokers" to, a non liquid LLC. that cannot be flipped for a quick one percent profit.

Who knew Also...

That the point of this downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF has a hold on the biz plan picked up on the bundle idea by, a start-up Oregon LLC, in need of the smart roof photovoltaic silver of

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