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       Thank you for visiting what is a redesign of a due diligence web site in the business of  finding qualified US mine projects that could be real company makers, if we can survive predatory disinformation hacking out of free traded and favored nations. More about this multinational mischief going around the intent of the US Mining Law of 1872 requiring US citizenship, on our sister networked sites as, which is where these single signer owned, undeveloped mining claim opportunities perfect for M/A and MLP's were first listed, before other online publications as,, and other web ring magazines of niche demographic interest.

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OMG... this is real homework... turning over ordinary looking rocks to make a discovery other's will wish they had made the effort download this free 32 page PDF report.

As a prospective individual LLC Pacific Northwest investor, or a board member interested in directing a national chain of affordable building material dealerships, learn how the only completion for a $250 per ton sale is China, Canada and Norway's imports by Unimin, and the well run US 3M's Arkansas and New Mexico feed stocks for a superior AAC concrete admixture.

The best kept secret here is Nepheline Syenite, on the edge of being a rare earths, has a new-found use so perfect in a time of global climate change. And as a recession proof product needed to make ECO "energy star" housing affordable. Take a look at the dream proposed end-use site, which would make a good start-up corporation name.

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Due to a bullish gold fever this whole mining camp will probably will once again be the destination of a historic gold rush due to the fact it is an up-and running, turn-key, mining project. The holy grail for, "you too can buy a gold mine for no money down" speculators.

Do not expect Dan and Cindy, however, to collateralize their own claims to loose out on the coming bull market increases in placer gold dust and jewelry quality nuggets.

Especially as there is a security, even in wilderness Alaska of waiting for a fat moose to waddle across the bush plane airstrip, or catching enough grayling on a fly rod, for luncheon at a comfortable corporate B&B style retreat.


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