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The Rush is on for Gray Gold!

Now is the time in supply side mining finance to find a better way for small investors to take advantage of some absolutely startling products coming out of a heavily disadvantaged start-up mining industry.

If your due diligence research hasn’t revealed that what are called “Blue Sky” laws in the 19 Mining Law of 1872 states Out West have been handcuffed by Reg D et al style exclusions, then follow the outspoken ‘TheProspector’ on Linkden, or his web site explanation of why un-patented mining claims cannot be insured by title companies on,

What is important, when it comes to the insider opportunities of new uses of the truth wealth of the earth (commodities grown, harvested, pumped, butchered, fished, gathered, or mined) that a mind-set of this is how it always has been done, have been stifled by “small minds” only concerned with flipping lead ingots needed for long term solar energy storage, as Tesla has just recognized, as a breakthrough product.

Point is, when it comes to making a mining investment of a Asperger's Syndrome “AS” “next insanely great product” involving minerals you have never heard of... what’s that Back East expression?... “forget about it?”

Somewhere Out West, as far away as one can get from the Bearish Sterns investment banker wheeling and dealing. Oh, sorry, breaking news here on our very delayed ETF telegraph wire to those of us that work underground, in the dark. We are so slow minded please explain what exactly happened to them again? Another please; who took over the platform turnip truck, illegally parked just outside the NYSE in the spot reserved for yet-another-IPO promotion? And which side of the Turnips-Are-Us truck do you go to to buy the really short rutabaga at a discount, over the long run preferable vegetable variety?

As Western Information Age programmer “AS” Bill Gates and his creative friend “AS” Steve Jobs somehow survived the folly of an Industrial Age big board stock exchange mindset, one should look into how it happened that the “AS” inventor of the Oregon chain saw almost died broke while his patent, based upon watching wood worms at work, went on to build a world wide marketplace. He wondered all over Portland for years looking for start-up money.

And ask what would have happened to “AS” Henry Ford if he had not stumbled onto controlling the minerals needed to build his “just in time delivery” assembly line cars.

The point of this economics lecture is that there are a huge number of new metals opportunities in the West, provided individual investors are smart enough to also do the WWII shipbuilder Henry Kaisers personal “Find a need at fill it” personal motto.

Problem is, as explained on is trusting a registered stock broker advisor, or whatever their pretend expertise, is to do your own due diligence. Why not take the family on a Schedule C at risk writable vacation out West. Breath in some of that solar silver powered clean air. Go direct to a press release mining prospect to peer into “AS” Mark Twain hole in the ground that has a just as humorous book of 1,000 excuses to explain away how “real gold mines” are going bankrupt for not mining their promised, prospectus advertised, reserves.

Real retirement fund hedging opportunities lay in finding a long growth use for a metal of the future for growing with a start-up, investor managed, LLC. Where the CEO is not the only one issued a golden parachute on takeoff. Use our database and publications, even though it has been hacked by anonymous competitors lately, for hints where you can “prospect” direct.

Who cares if “shares” on an old fashioned miner’s prospect exchange blackboard are not tradable as paper. The point is to advertise and sell product other than investment grad gold or silver bullion bars.

So here is the free “hot tip” for newsletter readers that can get past OMG paragraphs. Take another look at, where one of the miracle metals opportunity, [, for FoamKrete LLC] is made from a very unique deposit of, and consider that the natural CLC concrete admixture uses bubbles to expand what might have been called ferro-cemment four to five times in volume, might make a startup “FoamKrete / Marine” LLC independent admixture supply spinoff to manufacture floatable docks, small fishing boats, and 3D printed, off grid, self contained, park almost anywhere, house boats. If interested in contacting the two Texas Bayou Bathing-suit Babes wanting to make this happen, send a message to FoamKrete to be passed along.

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