As Alaska is almost the 180 degree oppossite of London we thought the Global Earthquake beneath our feet was just another re-arrangement of some slippery slope crust. Due to atmospheric delayed flash trading communication problems in the wilderness, it took awhile to realize is was the London Credit Default Swap Bridge between the LME and the LIBOR banks had fallen down.

Sorry, you famous Flameing Twits, we tried, and tried to warn you from MiningMagazines.com (not to be confused with the English based MiningMagazine.com that specializes in whacking big projects) about going a "full Montey" Bridge too Far.

You need to remember that the English Pound Sterling was after all, a full measure weight  of the silver Sir Francis Drake, the privateer returned with to England, after introducing the 'time bomb' of slavery to the Americas.

The real OMG lesson for the ETF trader's being .... a simple DUH.

A translation to the "Yank" I was laughed at for in the 1960's City of London when I was laising with MI6  as a USAF above top secret intel "other ranks" working directly for Curtis LaMay, the Commander of  Stragetic Air Command.  

Sorry, you famous Flameing Twits, we tried, and tried to warn you from MiningMagazines.com about the arrogance (not to be confused with the English based MiningMagazine.com that specializes in whacking big projects) about going a "full Montey" Bridge too Far.

Sorry, old chaps, wasting a lot of time argueing over the anacronym of Comander Officer Wrens, or Commander Reserve Officer Wrens (old COW, vs: old CROW) you really should have been paying attention to the Chinese Golden Yuan, and Silver Panda, being physically dispensed by vending machines in Shanghi malls.

Which brings right back to translating, DUH. "Do-not Underestimate History" in futures market planning.

Where is it written in 5,000 years of the worlds second oldest profession, trading shiney baubles with the real gold diggers, that it was possible to get away with a leveraged IOU? I won't mention today my politically incorrect fears of having been born in the First Great Depression, and lived through the scarcity of of the Second World War, that today we seem to be headed into repeating problems through stupidity.

So, at least from the survival point of view,  here is something you should be wasting your time upon. A legnthy discussion of a "gray gold" prospect being marketed for a basic need of shelter, as nobody is really respecting  "top-down" from "pump and dump" mining stock offerings anymore unless being the marketed without having a proveable, favorable,  tonnage to value (T/V?) ratio.

The whole of a square mile of Oregon's Table Mountain is a uniform mass of enigma, bound together in a riddle, millions of years old, just now being revealed as a very rare sill "neck of a volcano" (smaller than a batholith) in a solidified magma reservoir (or crater lake). Such a formation is uniformly distributed as an easy to identify "in-place" rock, where the ore contains a number of valuable minerals. As FoamKrete, and a few other material thinking outside the, "It can't be done traditional box".

This downloadable "white paper" has the secrets of a non-toxic natural chemistry that cannot be hidden behind the bizarre control of a European non-patentable attempt to override the Real Estate law of location - location - location, by non-free trade value restrictions of Pacific Coast affordable housing.

Think of all this as a US BrExit victory over the London Metals Exchange financial control collapse, for American metals Patriots are  "free at last" from England's roadside explosive devices defending a economic system where a Director of British Petroleum classified all of US on TV as such a, "little people".

almost a boots on the ground visit

Clicking This Reference button will take you deep into an out of date website on a virtual tour of Table Mountain. Barry is working on updating the video, and focus in repairing hackers vandalism.

The unnamed mountain shown on the cover showcasing a prospect in Alaska, was not the Table Mountain some anonymous cyber attacker out of New Zealand (?) spoofed as a fraud, unfairly flagging E-Mail replies from readers wanting verification, as also being spam.

Until Barry Murray finishes locking all protected E-Market PDF Reports and Plans of Action concerning the sale, lease, joint venture of this property, here are some other Adobe Acrobat down-loadable references, certified virus free, that may be published.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as a Green Building Material, Sustainability and the Built Environment UC Davis Extension, 2006

Environmental Geology of Lincoln County, Oregon - Bulletin 81, Oregon Department Geology & Mineral Industries, 1973

Descriptions and Analysis of Eight New USGS Rock Standards - Professional Paper 840, US Geological Survey, 1976

Consulting Geologists Table Mountain Nepheline Geologic Report, 2008

And if you are curious over the drive of the principle, you may wish to check out Barry Murray's credentials expertize in making the complex happen.

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